The Kixz

- We all kick ass -

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OoOo baby! You just found the most kixing community on fucken live journal! Eh, there is actually nothing great about it at all, but hell it kixz thats all that matters.

Need to know trems:

Kix = Kick Ass.

Basicly all the fucken names were taking for communities anymore. So I just used my favorite word kixz...which means [kick ass] ... and puff...like oh my fucken god, we got THE KIXZ! =P

Don't worry if people hate you, get used to it, besides we're not that rude. If we like you, we accept you and from there we try to make it interesting...like themes, sharing stories, ideas, help, and all that sweet shit. So give us a try!

Okay so you think you kix...

title or description

title or description1. Use and LJ-CUT, for all of your application.

title or description2. Make your subject line say, "Here's my kixz!"

title or description3. No nude picture...we can all get our own porn if we REALLY wanted to.

title or description4. Must be 13 and up...sorry kids.

title or description5. If you aren't stamped, you are only allowed to comment to your post.

title or description6. Once joined, you have ONE day to apply.

title or description7. If you don't make it then you can re-apply again...if you have that kind of guts.

title or description8. You are allowed to promote other communities...just don't flude the community or there will be major hell to pay!!! :) Thank you!

Yeah more rules will be added as I see fit...

title or description

title or descriptionBasicstitle or description


title or descriptionFavoritestitle or description

title or descriptionMoretitle or description
*Example of a perfect kiss:
*Somthing that annoys you:
*What are you scared of:
*Any obsessions:

title or descriptionOpinionstitle or description

(doesn't have to be long...)

*Pre-marital Sex:
*Gay Marriage:

title or descriptionQuestionstitle or description
*Make us laugh: ( ex: Pictures, joke, just make us fucken laugh!!! )
*One mad night of crazy sex, who would it be with?:
*Why should you be accepted?:
*What does kix's mean to you?:

* At least 3 pictures of your self *

Promote to at least one community/user: (need link)

Okay...so you made it...? This community it yours to post pretty much anything...cept don't be annoying and post every 3 minutes. ( Because I have the power to kick you out...=P) Just have fun with it, and we will have themes.

title or description

title or description


title or description


title or description
* We're all for the kixz *

* Banners *
title or description
title or description